Betty Deloris Arotin



Dearest, when we are in a crowd

And I am not allowed

By word, or glance, or touch,

To let you know how much

I love you, do not fear

Nor think you are less dear

To me. If my lips do not speak

To you, let not your faith grow weak

And too, if I look not your way

Do not think that I betray

Your presence in my heart.

Perhaps your pride will start

To rise if I do not take your hand

And acknowledge where I stand

With you, as lover, friend, or foe.

But my darling please know

How very hard it would be

To try and make others see

That such a love as ours is not

Within the level of common thought

So must be kept between we two.

Let none suspect no matter who.

For if it were somehow revealed

Misunderstanding would surely steal

Away the sweetness, and it would die.

Then what would we have, you and I?

So bear with me .. when we're alone

Then my dear I will make known

To you my love (so great a love)

Of which my heart is full

And so 'til then be certain of

Your presence in my very soul.

All poems in this web-based eBook have been transcribed and edited from author's handwritten journals compiled between 1963 through 1969.