Betty Deloris Arotin


To Grief

Thou - consoler of hearts

Reality's escape from pain

Of loss. Thou - whose cleansing

Rain refreshes - takes away

The dross of sorrow. Thou - so kind

To the unwelcome morrow -

Didst come to me and I

Embraced you eagerly

Placed upon a pedestal

Where everyone could see

How much I worshipped thee -

So much a part of me

You filled my empty heart

There was room for naught

But thee.

Daily we walked hand

In hand - I held thee

Possessively; by your side

I took my stand none

Could win me away

From thee - content to live

My life feeding, caring

For thee - watching while

You grew in size and intensity.

So absorbed was I in thee

My eyes were made blind

And could not see the

Caressing hand of time

That eased thy brow

And dimmed the light

Of loss that made thee

Strong. Slowly thou didst fade -

And suddenly - were gone!

Bewildered by the loss

The emptiness inside -

I had nothing now to hold

My only friend had died -

What now to fill my life? -

In what could I believe?

I had thought thee steadfast

But thou didst deceive me

With an ardor I thought

Would always last.

I did not think to place thee

With the things that pass.

O pity me - what will I do -

Where to find relief?

I could weep in sadness

At thy loss, O, grief -

Thou - consoler of hearts.

All poems in this web-based eBook have been transcribed and edited from author's handwritten journals compiled between 1963 through 1969.