Betty Deloris Arotin


To Loneliness

Open your arms, I have returned -

Reluctant - to your embrace.

There is nowhere - save this place -

For me to go; though I do not

Call you friend - long ago you took

Me in - (an undesirable refugee) -

Soon familiarity made us

"Commonplace" - and each forgot

The other's face.

How easily one's eyes become

Accustomed to the dark!

How long did that little spark

Linger, waiting, for me to be

Aware - to notice it there - and know

'Tis light!?

Who opened the door,

Dispelled the night?

Turned my eyes to the bright,

Beckoning day - led me away from you?

How gaily I followed - Joy - Beauty -

Everywhere! Was anything

Made to compare with this?

Bliss was my own -

But you waited - always I've known

That soon all must return -

Gone - gone is the light!

Here I am - prodigal dark -

Come back to night. Embrace me -

This time to hold me tight -

Never again let me have sight!

All poems in this web-based eBook have been transcribed and edited from author's handwritten journals compiled between 1963 through 1969.