Betty Deloris Arotin


Who's There?

A knock at the door - - -

And the inhabitant slowly roused,

And shook it's drowsy head, (asleep

So long it was almost dead) - - -

Wondered at the insistent call - -

No guest was expected, for all

Had ceased to try the door,

And passing by, none reflected

Interest, more things there were

To catch the eye - -

Ah - - but this one is no passer by

Who stands and pounds

And with loud cry bids entrance.

On feet made light by anticipation

Rose quickly, without hesitation

And with heart a-pound, flies to

Answer, the welcome sound of company.

- - - It's been so long! Who can it be?

- - - And reaching the door flings it

Wide, and the one standing there - -

Outside - - sees himself in the other's

Face - - there his very image traced,

Line by line, so much the same,

No need to ask each other's name.

So sure they were - - that Love had

Knocked - - and answered the door!

All poems in this web-based eBook have been transcribed and edited from author's handwritten journals compiled between 1963 through 1969.